Why does the Astronauts space suits are so expensive?


The first space suites made before 80 years ago which is a normal suit made from our normal clothes. But,NASA considers ,the which problems astronauts have to face and makes a design of advanced space suit.

All about Advanced space suit-

As times passes ,NASA Apollo mission makes revolution in astronuts space suit.

When Astronauts reaches on moon’s land and they going to be work on their mission .So,there is one back bag is added in Astronauts space suit.

Machinery’s in Astronauts space suit-

In that back bag ,some unavoidable necessary things are present for Astronauts.

1.Battery for Astronauts to do the work for 7-8 hours,air,water also present for Astronauts.

2.In these space suit various systems are present such as computer,air conditioning,drinking water, oxygen cylinder and arrangement for toilet.

3.There is a system of oxygen supply and carbon dioxide releasing.

4.As we know that ,In space at,day time, harmful rays of sun present and at night time astronauts experiences very low temperature which affects on the astronaut.There is system of automatic temperature maintaining in space suit.

The pressure present in space is adjust in 4.3PSI or it’s weight is nearly equals to 56 kg.

Material used in Astronauts space suit-

These space suits are not made up from normal clothes material.NASA considered about the problems which astronauts have to face and then they designs the space suit.

In whole space suit there are 11 layers and function of every layer-

1.At the first,astronauts wear a inner layer which is made up of nylon and spandex which helps to maintain the body temperature of astronauts.

2.In that there is a bladder layer which maintains pressure

3.After that ,5 layers of Millar material presents which performs the work of controlling the temperature.

4.Fire proof, water proof layers and bullet proof layers are present in space suits.The particles present in space moves with higher velocity and attacks on astronauts like a bullet and bullet proof layer protects the Astronauts.

5.In space suits,helmet and communication system is present.before wearing a helmet astronauts wear communication carrier i.e. earphone as well as microphones are present called as Snoopy cap.

6.In helmet two mirrors are fixed.outer one mirror useful to protects the astronauts eyes from damaging due to strong rays of sun and another mirror prevents the air and dust particles from astronauts.

7. In space suit there is torch and powerful camera is fixed.With the help of powerful camera,scientist which are sitted in space station can easily see that which things should the astronauts sees on other planets and in space.

8.In today’s space suit there are 24-25 small rocket motors are available. With the help of such rockets, astronauts can easily fly from one place to other for long time and control the rockets as their wish.

9.Most important part of space suit is life supporting system in which all the necessary things are available which helps to astronauts to live.

Location of system controlling-

1.One pipe is present nears to the mouth of astronaut and the astronauts can easily drink the water when he/she wants .

2.system of battery ,oxygen cylinder,carbon dioxide removal filters, communication equipment and colling is also available.The control system is present on the chest side of astronauts space suit and astronauts can easily controls all the system.

3.In space suit ,there is a place for keep the things safe that astronauts found on other planets.

Approximate value of space suit-

These space suit project is not easy ,so we cannot predict the approximate value of such a advanced astronauts space suit .But to prepare such advanced space suit with such high technologies nearly requires 300-500 million dollars. i.e.2-3 thousand crore .But to make the duplicate copy of Astronauts space suit 80-100 crores requires


So friends, Such a protective function of each layer and high advanced technologies are works as a bodygaurd of a astronauts.

Hence,the astronauts space suits are more expensive.

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