Top Best 6 herbs and Spices to reduce Inflammation

Hey do you know the exact meaning of inflammation ? Many peoples don’t know what is exact meaning of inflammation so inflammation is is our bodies protective mechanism against infections and any other harmful stimuli.

many people’s experiences swelling, pain, redness and heat at a particular area which is injured. This all happened due to inflammation and there are many chances of some diseases which may results into in inflammation.

If this protective mechanism remains longer than usual, it can easily damage your body’s tissue, healthy cells and organs. There are various types of inflammation in that chronic inflammation can be the reason for several diseases and also leads to cancer.

Spices and herbs in your diet is the best option to reduce information. Below are the best 6 herbs and Spices which are very effective to reduce inflammation and build your best health.

1. Turmeric –

From old to child is well known about turmeric. Turmeric is a famous spice. Turmeric roots and powder, Asian origin plant containing Curcumin has very powerful anti – inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has properties around the globe.

This turmeric has been used in Chinese traditional medicine and in Indian Ayurveda for centuries. This Curcumin fights with swelling, Infection and also used as a treatment for any digestive issues and speedy recovers your wound too.

2. Rosemary

Hey, there is anyone who does not love the smell or Aroma of Rosemary in dear diet ? According to study Rosemary is a most powerful herb which fights inflammation and oxidation.

Our organs with oxidative damage this damage saves by this Rosemary. This is a best option to boost your immune system during enhancing blood circulation. If you use Rosemary in your daily diet then you can easily fight with inflammation and boosts your health.

3. Thyme

Time is is very well known for its fragrance and aromatic punch to food usually its use it’s not limited to enhancing your culinary experiences.

It is mainly beneficial in arthritic conditions. Thyme has anti- microbial and anti inflammatory characteristics .Just a small amount of thyme in your diet and you can gets and enjoy your all its benefits.

4. Black pepper

Do you know the Black peppers another name? Black paper is also known as “King of spices” for its distinctive flavour. This black paper has unique flavour in all spices and this flavour comes from one chemical known as piperine.

Very small doses of this preparing chemical reduces the inflammation. These fights with diseases like cancer and eases the pain in arthritis patients.

5. Cloves

Many peoples get irritated by toothache periods and this clovess used as the most beneficial yet understand spices.

This cloves is mainly used to reduce throat and mouth inflammation. These also help treat for bad breath, nausea and diarrhea. Use cloves in your daily diet. You can use Cloves in curries, drinks and dishes too.

6. Cinnamon –

Do you hurt the name cinnamon ? Cinnamon is a popular enhancing spice. Cinnamon possesses anti-inflammatory properties or characteristic which reduces swelling.

The cinnamon is mainly used in baked treats like burns and cinnamon rolls. Only one or two tablespoon of cinnamon per day builds your health perfectly . It is best option for reduce Inflammation.


There are various methods to reduce inflammation. But the best one is using the right herbs and spices in your diet.

So, above are the best spices and herbs which reduces your inflammation surely

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