Top 7 Amazing benefits of Crying

Crying is a common human reaction it can due to different emotions. Various reasons of crying due to bad situations, something worst happening or some peoples due to good things happens.

The reasons for tears may due to failed in relationship, frustration or you are thankful or something worst thing happens in your family arguing with best friend and so on.

However, crying is beneficial for both the body and the mind. The first reaction when you were born was to try to let everyone understands or knows you are alive. But our society thinks that crying is only the sign of the weakness but by reading this post, makes you understands the benefits of crying and not seeing it is a sign of weakness.

Following are the best benefits of crying-

1.Destroy Germs

human tears contains antimicrobial power which can easily kill harmful bacteria. This also have lysosome which can remove 95% of germs and terminate cell wall. These is one of the best benefit of cryiing.

2.Expels toxin

Everyone face stress, depression in their life . When you cry due to emotional pain that is emotional tears contain stress hormones and toxins. Everyone thinks that you are weak but when you cry you’re not only release negative emotion which you feels but also flush out harmful toxins in your body. These is an also a best benefit of crying.

3. Improves eyesight

Nowdays, vision problems faced by many child and youngsters. But when you cry your vision becomes more clear due to tears have lacrimal gland which lubricates the eyes after you cry. If some tiny dust particle goes in your eyes then tears act as a cleaner to remove that dust particle.

4.Strengthens Communication

When you are getting surrounded by feelings, too many emotions the words are not enough to explain what you feels. But when you cry in front of that related person you are able to express how you are feeling .

It can be of two reasons you are happy or maybe because you are sad. Crying in front of that particular person creates an emotional bond between family, friends or with that particular person.

5.Improves Mood

When someone behaves very wrong that you never expect from that person and when you that person hurts you then you becomes emotional and cry. But after crying automatically it can lift up your mood because you late it all out what’s in your mind and heart. Crying help you sleep better and improve your immune system. Relives you from stress and change your mood.

6.Relives you from stress

Many people start crying when they are in stress. They don’t handle it. You don’t understand what to do in that situation.Many thoughts comes in your mind which increase your tension and you starts crying but when you cry it can release all the feelings you have been holding back. These is also a best benefit of crying.

Crying fights infection

When you are avoiding to crying for a long time and when you are not producing tears then your eyes can become dry. Dry eyes are not good for health because dry eyes lead to inability to fight infection. But, If you are trying then it improve your eye vision and keep your eyes free from infection.


Now understands the benefits of crying. No one likes to cry is mainly in front of others. But, now don’t shamed of crying because crying offers many types of health benefits.

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