Top 5 Best places to visit in Monsoon season nears to Pune- Mumbai cities

The monsoon season is the the most joyous season.monsoon brings a relaxing time to spend with the the loved ones. Peacock dancing and enjoying the rain, Children’s makes paper boats, farmers starts farming … every creature in world enjoy the monsoon season.

The scattering droplets of water falling from sky which makes a beautiful smile on everyone’s face. The season comes for to enjoy to create memories and that memories people cherish throughout their lives.

The rain lovers who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy season. Every family needs a break from their routine for the monsoon is the best season to throw out the stress by visiting the best places.

Here some best idyllic places where you can find beautiful nature, cool and clean air, greenery everywhere. So, visit this places and enjoy the monsoon season.


Location- near Mumbai

Matheran is the best place to visit in monsoon season. Waterfalls which are roaring, deep forest which are green and lush attracts you there are many fun and exciting things which you can do in Matheran.

If you are really a nature lover and adventure lover then it is a best place for you. In Matheran there are 38 famous viewpoints in Matheran.

In that best places to visit in Matheran are as follows-

  • Dodhani waterfall
  • Chanderi caves
  • Charlotte lake
  • Kalavntin pinnacle
  • Ishalgad fort
  • Little chowk point
  • Ambarnath shiv temple
  • Porcupine point
  • Neral matheran toy train
  • Rambagh point

The untouched beuty of Matheran hill station attracts many tourists and hikers from all around India.

2. Mahabaleshwar

Location- Western ghats, Ahmednagar

Mahabaleshwar is the best place which is surrounded by greenery, calm surrounding in the beuty of Sahyadri range i.e. in the part of Western ghats.

In mahsbaleshwar pratapgad is a beautiful place to visit along with Elephants Head point and Lingamala waterfalls.

Mahableshwar is surely a one of the best place to visit in monsoon season. It is nearly located to Mumbai and Pune cities. So, visit this place with your family and enjoy.

3. Lonavala

Location- 83 km away from Mumbai

Lonavala is also known as ‘Jewel of Sahyadri’ and ‘the city of caves’. Lonavala is famous for lush green valleys, stunning waterfalls, remarkable caves, serene lakes, etc.

The place which is myriad to visit in Lonavala includes historical sites, religious attractions, natural wonders, etc.

Lonavala is a great destination or place for a weekend trip. Following are some points which are mainly attracts visitors-

  • Narayani Dham temple
  • Lohagad fort
  • Lions point
  • Wet N Joy waterpark
  • Karla caves

Visit these place with your family and enjoy the rainy season and create best memories.

4. Bhandardara

Location- in Sahyadri mountain range.

Amazing beauty place to visit in rainy season. There are various places to visit in bhadardara. Bhadardra is the largest earthen dam in India.

It is not only paradise for nature lovers but also a apt for trekkers.Because it offers many trekking routes. The rainy season paints the entire hill station, green and various waterfalls break out from the hills.

Aamruteshwar temple is the best temple dedicated to lord Shiva. It is surrounded by peaks and it is carved out of stones. It is very perfect place to visit during rainy season.

5.Malashej Ghat

Malshej ghat is specially famous for no.of waterfalls which are a sight to behold. Malshej ghat is surrounded by breathtaking views of green hills and fresh nature.

The Malshej ghat region is mainly a home of various species of birds and plants. If you are photography lover then you can click a pictures of various birds like Cuckoo’s and Flamingos.

The dense forest receives moderate rain fall in monsoon. This place is refreshed with new showers and forests gets a new lease of life in such rainy season.

So , to enjoy the monsoon season you can visit Malshej ghat with your family members.


These are the best 5 amazing places near to Pune and Mumbai cities. This places surely gives you a joy and happiness with your family members. So visit the places and make your mind fresh.

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