Signs of True Love….

Mandy Hale says that-“Two things you will never have to chase: true friends and true love”.

It is easy to say , I Love You .people speaks many things in love ,If you will not stay in my life then I will die but in reality they will live to say the same things to other guy. Its easy to promise , easy to say I love You but makes this promises in reality is not easy .

Do not trust people what they say but trust in people what they do for you. If if have to invest a small package of money in a small company then we check all information about company it is a froud or not. But when we fall in love throw yourself completely in love then at that time we never check that it is fake or not .If you want to live happily for life time then first check that you are in a true relationship or not.

Here are some signs of true love which helps you to check your relationship is true or not –

1.shares everything

  • When you are in true love then you never afraid to tell him all about you.
  • Your partner nothing hides anything from you , he /she shares everything with you then you are in a true relationship.
  • Your partner never afraid to tell about his/her problems .
  • But in some relationship, partners do not shares everything and hence their relationship spoils and becomes weaker.

2.Unconditional love

  • True Love is without any condition.In true relationship there is only the hope of being loved .
  • But some relationships starts with conditions I am not able to do this for you ,I will not do this for you ,etc .
  • If in your relationship there are so many conditions then that relationship not lasts for longer time.

3. Waits for you

  • When someone wants to speak with you for 2-3 minutes and waits for whole day only to speaks with you then it is a true sign of love.
  • In long distance relationship , partners wait through months and years only to see him/her.
  • So, waiting is the true sign of love.

4. Cry for you…

  • If someone has true feelings for you then your partner cries for you when he/she sees tears in your eyes.
  • Your small hurting words makes your partner cry then it is a sign of true love.
  • When you cry for for someone and your partner treated you as a weakest person and laughs on you then you are not in a true relationship.

5.Respect and care

  • Your partner always respect ,respect about your thoughts and respects your feelings.
  • Your partners also respects and cares about your family too.
  • Value and respect each other’s thoughts .When your partner respect you then you are definitely in a true relationship.
  • Your partner cares about you.Your partner never show carless nature with you.

6. Forgiveness

  • When you do some mistakes in past and you are worrying about your mistake then your partner forgive you then you are in a true relationship.
  • Your partner never speak about your past that what mistakes you done and forgive you from heart then your partner is perfect.

7. Always excited to see your partner…

  • If you are always wants to see your partner , always want to see his/her face , wants to meet him/her then you are in true relationship.
  • Your partner wants to spend time with you and never gets too bored with you .
  • In true distance relationship , your partner always want to see your pictures ,wants to video call you.

8.One argument does not end relationship

  • When you are truely falling in love , then you have to remember that these arguments are less scary.
  • You have trust and confident in your love that one argument never ends your relationship.
  • If your arguments never weak your bond then you are in true relationship.

9. Your partner makes you smile..

  • Ahh, everyone wants to make their partner smile.
  • Your partner make you smile . he/she will do anything for your smile whatever his situation may be.
  • Your partner always wants to see a smile on your face .
  • When your partner never want to see tears in your eyes then you are in true relationship.
  • Your partners heart fill with happiness and joy when he/she just see that you are smiling , laugh whatever his/her situation.

10. Jealousy

  • Your partner gets jealous when you speaks with other guys.
  • Your partner never wants to see you with other guy.
  • He/she gets jealous when you text other guy.
  • When you experience this jealousy too then you are also in a true love with him/her.


  • when your partner is in true love with you then he becomes protective
  • Your partner gets overprotective .
  • Your partner always wants to protect you from every bad situation and bad character people’s.
  • When he cares about you and protective about you then your partner is perfect for you.


  • When your partner able to understand your situation and treat you as per situation then he/she really loves you.
  • Your partner stands behind you in your good and bad situationa
  • When you are not able to give time to your partner and then he/she understands your problem and situation then he/she really loves you.
  • So, understanding is most important in every relationship.


So, these are the some signs of true relationship.True partner must irritate you , fights with you ,understands you ,arguing with you , always says sorry only for their relationship, cannot hurt you , kindness is flowing from your heart .

As per saying , “True Love stories never have endings.”I think you feel depth of the line…..

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