How to become successful


In life there are laws. For success, there are laws .If you want to learn and get success you must observe , read whole post and take action. These laws helps you for your best career path.If you want to become a greatest achiever then you must read the following post.

Here are 5 important laws of Success as follows –


  • Let your RESULTS speak for you .
  • You don’t always need to tell everyone what you are up to or what you are planning to achieve.
  • People will notice and respect you more when they see your results before they hear your plans.
  • Many great achievers talk less than they work .They talk less less than they achieve.
  • If you speak more than the actions and when you fail in your thoughts what you speak then you get ignore by society.
  • If someone who speaks more than doing action or doing work then their RESULTS are not great and then people ignore that person.
  • So talk less .Do more .Let your results speak for you .


  • You cannot learn if you do not LISTEN. You cannot SUCCESS if you do not LEARN so learn to LISTEN more….
  • If you are serious about making your life as great as it can be ;you should be committed to an SELF MOTIVATED and CURIOSITY as a child .
  • If you want to achieve success then learn to listen more. If you listen more then your knowledge gets increase in that field.
  • Learn to listen BETTER , more intently. Listen with PURPOSE and INTENSION to get something new out of it.
  • The kind of curiosity and presence that will enable to notice thing other do not and that will give you the advantage .
  • Take an advice from the best teachers and. LEARN from the failures of the worst teachers.
  • Listen more , to be more.


  • The less you REACT the better you can RESPOND.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions or let your emotions and thoughts overpower you .
  • You have to discipline your emotional thoughts and your reactions to every person and every circumstance in your life.
  • If someone speaks on your bad habits then don’t overreact you must analyse about your habits and then change you habits if it’s really bad.
  • There is best quote that says: “One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master that how to remain calm.”
  • Don’t overreact.practice being calm in all situations so you can respond effectively.
  • As the saying- Learn to discipline your emotions, because if you don’t your enemies will use them against you.
  • So control your emotions and be a successful person


  • The closer you observe something the better your understanding and the better your decisions will be.
  • Pay close attention to techniques you want to master .
  • If you want to achieve greatest things then you must observe society.
  • If you want to master in any field then you must increase your observation capacity.
  • The skills and habits you want develope. Observe what works and what doesn’t work in yours life.
  • So, observe the things learn from them and achieve the success.
  • Observation the most essential step in every achievers life.


  • As Bruce Lee said -” Knowing is not enough ,we must APPLY….”
  • Willing is not enough ,We must DO.
  • You
  • If you want anything in life …’s not coming to you while you sit on your hands. You have to work for it.
  • Opportunities not happen you have to create them and use them .
  • You have to take same efforts as per your dream.Dreams not comes true without any action.
  • Get up, get out there and get it.
  • So,take action be a successful person .
  • So learn ,observe and take the action.
  • Don’t only see the dream but also take takes same efforts for your dream.


Your success comes from your preparations , hard work and learning from failure.So, follow the above rules and then show your SUCCESS to the world.

Winston .s.Churchill says that- “Success is not final; Failure is not fatal.It is the courage to continue that counts”.and felt the words.

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