How we can help the orphan children’s..

In our India , there are some families or parents who have been poor for generations.They are not allowed to educate themselves and their children’s too. Some child’s born in such families which left their children’s in park or anywhere , they have no care about their children’s that they may be due or survive. These childrens have no idea where to live , where to go , no one to love them. These childrens needs our help needs our sympathy.

Everyone knows who is known as the mothers of orphan ?Yes, we all know, Sindutai Sapkal known as mother of orphan .Her contribution to such a children’s is amazing. She realized that there are many children’s left by their parents and she adopt them as her own. She struggle for orphan children .She begged and she feed them. She decided to become a mother to everyone who came across to her as a an orphan. Our country needs such types of personalies.We have to learn from Sindutai Sapkal.

There are nearly 140 million orphans in whole world and from this there are 61 million orphans in our India .

They needs our help, oursympathy,our time . so , following are some ideas to help such innocent orphan children . Please understand them , help them and make our India beautiful .

How to help orphan children’s-

1.Celebrate our birthday with them or celebrate their birthday.

We all celebrates our birthday at home or in hotels with our friends, cuts 4-5 birthday cakes and you waste moneys without a reason . But in our society there are children’s who never celebrates their birthday. So , instead of wasting money in hotels celebrate our birthday with such child’s .Give them notebooks , books , clothes on your birthday.

We should celebrate their birthday. Hold a ” birthday party for an orphan ” Invite your friends to come and each bring some gifts as their ability and make their birthday special.

Due to doing this we should bring a cute smile on that children’s face and your soul gets satisfied.

2. Encourage your family –

We should encourage our family members to help for orphan .We should encourage our family to buy books , notebooks ,shoes for orphan children’s. Don’t Waste your money on unnecessary things instead of this we should buy necessary things for children’s .We should organize family and friends to do a car wash for orphans and give them gifts or what they need. Don’t provide dirty clothes ,ripped clothes, stained clothes ,smelly clothes, cut off jeans , shoes have hole, etc .

3. Provide necessary things-

If you are able to buy new clothes for innocent children’s then you should give them clothes. If you are not able to provide new clothes then you should give your children’s used clothes ,school uniforms. You should gives Toys gift which are helpful to increase brain power or knowledge of children’s .You should provide bags of rice , oil bottles ,etc.

You should gift books , notebooks and motivate them to learn .You should gift aventurous books , motivational books to them.

4. Spend time with them –

You should spend more time with such children’s on weekend. They need us . Ask them what they want , needs ,etc . Give them knowledge . Increase their knowledge.They need someone like their parents so please spend much more time with them as you possible.

We should motivate them support them. We should spend our weekends with them. So they feels better and you feel satisfied .

5. Motivate them

Some childrens face some feelings like loneliness , abandonment and anxiety. most childrens lost hope when it becomes clear that their parents we are sick or died they filled sad and helpless so we must meet them an make hopeful children and help them from heart . Sum of an children’s faces the emotional problems so we should make them mentally strong. Make them emotionally strong and Motivate them .

6. Motivate your children’s-

You should motivate your children from their childhood to help poor people sandakan children. Celebrate their birthday in orphanage with orphan childrens. Help the orphan children help them from heart.Treat them as your child . Make your children’s best habit from childhood to help needy people’s .

7. Celebrate Christmas party –

You should celebrate Christmas party in orphanage and give gift to them. You should invite your friends to arrange the Christmas party and enjoy with the orphan childrens. Give them chocolates , gifts , whatever you want. Make their childhood childhood better and memorable. Because of you they smiles , laughs ,enjoys .

8. Adopt orphan children’s-

Most of family except on children’s and make these children’s life beautiful. They also have dream , want to enjoy life , want someone like parents. So , you are possible then adopt the orphan children. Make his / her life beautiful , complete their wishes and definitely one day you feel proud . Whatever you doing now karma gives you back .so , do best karma gives you back . The families or people who helps the childrens are really lives. Because who lives for society or other are really lives.


So, these are some ideas for helping poor, needy and orphan children’s. Please , help them , they really wants us , they needs our time our help. Part of being a person is that about helping others. The people who helps others are really lives.So , spread positivity in society.

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