How to help orphans and Formulated policy for orphaned children’s in covid- 19 by Government

There are many children’s who now becomes orphan due to covid -19 pandemic disease. There are many cases in world who lost their parents. But due to this situation this children’s do not have guidence, they have no place to stay no support. So there are many chances of that they end up making wrong choices.

During the second wave of covid-19 pandemic, the supreme court of India gave path and direction to the government about the protection of orphaned childrens.

But in these situations nobody ready to help them. These children’s are dying without getting food. They are suffering from helpless. In the large country we do not know the age of such children which starving on the streets.

As we know from ancient time in india our society is mainly based on caste and family structures. Our society never try to help other castes peoples or children’s who now really needs our help.

Do you imagine your life without your parents? Yess, never we never imagine our life without our parents . So try to understand the situation, problems face by children who lost their parents . Many relatives do not ready to take responsibility of these children’s. Some relatives accept them but never support them. Hence the journey of a child starts without support of family . No one gives them guidence and directions for their future.

Orphan girls face many more problems. These girls do not have confidence to tell to tell about her problems to anybody. There is no one where she trust, shares about her problems.

Our government provides hostels for orphans which is the first and last option of survival for orphan children. We really appreciate these hostels. But the problem is these several state governments do not allow these childs to stay in hostel when they become 18 years old. Take example of us we do not settle in life in 18 years age then how these children’s settle. What they have to do after 18 s age.

Many orphans face problems regarding with government documents eg. PAN cards, Adhar cards , death certificate of their parents. Due to lack of guidence and support they choose wrong choices and decisions. These increases the worse and poverty. But some of them face problems, struggle and acheive the higher education and settle in life. Being successful in these children’s are rare.

Now our Maharashtra government handles these sensitive issue. Our government is legally bound by the constitution to ensure the welfare of children. The best decision of maharastra government is that they changed the rule and allowed to orphaned children’s to stay in hostel upto age 23.

These is the best decision because there are chances of children’s to settle in their life upto age 22-23 . Now they get the proper guidance and settle and this decision is really helpful to reduce poverty and orphan children’s problems.

These are some steps that the government can take in this regard-

  • Supply government documents on time.
  • Give them priority in government schemes and programmes.
  • Guide them on lessons like equality, freedom, social justice.
  • arrange yearly survey of orphan children’s at district levels.
  • Register the information of child family and property of child.
  • Help them in higher education and any other skill developments.
  • Provide special care for girl children.
  • Provide best health system and make them strong from emotional pain.

Our government takes the decision to help orphans financially. These is the time to think seriously about questions. Such as shelter, support , guidence, career. These questions not only during covid -19 but also left us with the same issues and questions.

These is the time to stand with orphaned children’s. The support of government is the main support for orphan children’s now. Government should provides opportunities to improve their life and their value in society.


Come forward and help these children’s they need our help, support them and help them to settle in their life. Remember that -our one help change will their whole life.

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