Healthy eating during times of stress…

Stress less and enjoy the best….!!

As we know, Lifestyle of our society changes day by day. We all are busy in our work from morning to night .So,there are many more reasons of stress in everybody’s life and it is normal to having stress in everyone’s life but effects of stress on our health it’s not normal. Stress causes due to overthinking,job problems, relationship and so on. Stress effects on our diet and causes dark circles , weight loss, weakness,feeling tired,etc.

But, we have to overcome these problem. Now ,be tension free,read these whole post and power to fight against stress. Prefer the following 8 healthy food tips and follow in your daily diet to fight against stress and anxiety.

1. Fatty fishes

  • Fatty fishes such salmon,sardines, trout and herring.
  • In fatty fishes omega-3 is present in high level which is fatty acid and has strong relation with mental and physical health.
  • Low omega-3 intake is linked to increase anxiety and depression in Western populations.
  • So,fatty fishes are so effective to overcome against stress.

2. Eggs

  • Great source of vitamin D and protein . These protein needs for growth and development.
  • Eggs also creates serotonin which regulates mood, sleep ,memory and improves brain functions and relives us from anxiety and stress.

3. Dark Chocolates

  • We all have habit of eating chocolates. .Dark chocolates reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Dark chocolates improves our mood.
  • It also a great source of magnesium which might help to reduce stress.


  • The active component of turmeric called cuccumn. It reduces the anxiety in obese adults .
  • Many ayurvedic products uses turmeric because turmeric has many useful uses.
  • As well as it is easily available in our home for cooking purpose.


  • Garlic is high in sulphur compounds that help in increases levels of glutathione. This antioxidants is part of our body’s first line of defense against stress.
  • What’s more, animal studies suggest that garlic helps reduces stress and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

6. Sweet potatoes

  • Eating whole , nutrient rich carb sources like sweet potatoes may help lowers the levels of the stress.
  • Although , cortisol levels are tightly regulated , chronic stress can lead to cortisol dysfunction , which may causes inflammation, pain and other adverse effects.
  • Sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients that are important for stress response , such nutrients are vitamin c and potassium.

7.Green Tea

  • Surprised ! Ohh yess, green tea also helps to relive from stress and anxiety.
  • Green tea is easy to add in our daily life .
  • We can replace coffee, soft drinks , alcoholic beverages and should drink green tea to become stress less.

8. Parsley

  • parsley is a nutritious herb that’s packed with antioxidants compound that neutralizes unstable molecules called free radicals and protect against oxidative stress.
  • Studies suggest that a diet rich in antioxidants may help to prevent stress and anxiety.
  • Parsley is specially rich in cartenoid , flavonoids and volatile oils all of which have powerful antioxidants properties.
  • So use parsley in your daily diet for stress free life.


A stressful life is not good for our health it affects on our life follow above food materials in your daily diet and fight against stress and also covid -19 also and live a happy and healthy life.

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