Best ways to Boost your Eye Heath and what does your eye colour say about your personality

As per saying- “Behind the most beautiful eyes, lay secrets, deeper and darker than the mysterious face” and we are all agree with this statement.

Do you observe any creature on the earth without eyes? No , because Eyes has a special role for every creature. We never imagine our life without Eye vision. There is no colour in our life without eyes. Our life is nothing without eyes.

So, it’s very essential to take care of our eyes health. There are many factors which affects on our eye vision. They causes serious issues with eye vision in all age peoples. We have to take care of our eye health . If we do take care of our eye health then be ready to face many problems regarding to eye vision in younger and older age too.

Following are some best ways to Boost your eye health –

1. Use sunprotection

  • The sunrays are effects on our eyes at afternoon time .
  • So choose sunglasses that protect your eyes 90-100 % from ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays.
  • Sun damage can lead to cataracts, pterygium i.e. tissue growth over the whites of our eyes and mascular degeneration.
  • So sunglasses are protect us from this damage and use the sunglasses during traveling on vehicle.

2. Limit screen time and blue light

  • Our whole generation uses T.v. , mobile phones , laptops. We need them at every moment .
  • Extended television, mobile phone or laptop screen time can causes eye strain. Longer use of this things causes serious issues regarding to eyes.
  • In our mobile phones there there is a option of night light filter for eye protection mode. So , use these mode and protect our eyes.
  • Blue light causes retinal damage so try to spend less time with blue screen.

3. Quit smoking

  • Many people smoke example cigarettes tobacco which is very harmful for health . I explained the health problems during smoking in one post.
  • Smoking increases your risk of dry eyes, tobacco smoke has connected or related to vision loss, cataracts and muscular degeneration.
  • Try to understand the serious harmful effects of smoking .Try to quite smoking.


  • Yess! Exercise please very important role in everybody is life there are many advantages of exercise for health and eye health too.
  • Doing regular exercise is good for your eyes and waistline.
  • Lack of exercise increases your risk. It increases the risk of 2 diabetes and diabetic retinopathy and this risk effects on our vision.
  • So, doing exercise everyday is very beneficial for health and Eye too.

5. Prefer Balanced diet

  • Ee all eat chripsy or street foods which affects on our health and causes damage to our body and eyes.
  • So prefer for home food and balanced diet.
  • GPA and Omega 3 (eg fatty fishes)vitamin c (citrus fruits) vitamin E (eg.nut and butters) and zinc (eg.meat, pumpkin seeds)are always good for eyes health.

6. Get regular Eye exam

  • when we go to the eye doctors then first they check our vision strength and weakness of vision and then they confirms our glass number.
  • Show the best way to know our eyes strength. so, check regularly your eyes by an eye care professional or a doctor.
  • Seeing an optometrist and opthalmologist is a good health habit.

So , nutritious food or diet, regular exercise, limiting screen time, avoid smoking using or wearing sunglasses and checked your I vision regularly by an eye doctor are important habits for good Eye health.

Check What does your eye colour say about your personality-

Everyone who reads the post eager to know about what my eyes colour says about my personality –

So following are some eye colors so check out what your eyes says about your personality

1. Brown eyes

  • away from materialistic pleasure.
  • Agreeable
  • Assertive
  • Confident.

2. Black eyes

  • mysterious peoples
  • Hardly open with others
  • World see them as leaders

3. Hazel eyes

  • Independent
  • Courageous
  • Extremely sensible
  • Well appreciated for their empathetic nature.

4. Blue eyes

  • great inner strength and physical strength
  • Others misunderstands that these peoples are weak and untrust worthy.

5.Green eyes

  • often unpredictable
  • Slow to anger
  • Creative
  • Prefer well under great pleasure

6. Gray Eyes

  • sensitive
  • Few possess inner strength
  • Deep wisdom
  • Change their mood to suit current situation.


Keeping eye health is essential during this days. Above ways are best to keep your maintaining eye health. And some logics are correct regarding to eye colour which says about our personality.

So, take care of health and eyes health too.

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