Best 5 steps to change Yourself and Your Life

Best 5 steps for changing life –

Hey !! Everyone who now reads these post , Do you want to change yourself ? Do you want to more from your life ? Do you want to make best life ? Yes ! Everyone want to make change in themselves.

Every living thing on the earth has tendency to grow. Everyone who lives on earth wants more from their life . After all, our mind was designed to grow , to learn , to observe, to achieve success. But sadly , only few humans can achieve that levels where they want to reach due to their good habits . But others , Do not achieve that level where is their destination due to their habits .

Your path is depends on what you do. It depends up to you. You have to take right actions . You have to avoid bad habits and you have to follow good habits.

No one is here or no one is coming to save you and your life. The real hero of your life is in the mirror which is in front of you. Taking best actions in your life is essential step to achieve your goals. Your goals are waiting for you but firstly , you have to change yourself then you will reach surely up to your destination.

If you are really willing or want to make changes in your life then surely follow the following steps. These steps change you and your life completely.

These following steps have the power to change your life surely.

1. Save Your Time –

  • If you will want to turn your life around you then you need to save or protect your time. Because , your life completely depends on it.
  • Everyone can easily make more money but nobody can never make more time.
  • Remember that- “Life goes too quickly” hence try to make the most of your time.
  • Make a perfect time table and set a plan time to time.
  • Try to quit hanging, try to avoid arguing with people who aren’t helping you to win.
  • Stop doing that things which never bring you any long time joy and happiness. So , protect your time.

2. Power of Imagination –

  • As Jack canfield said – “A dream wasn’t put your in your mind unless you have the capability to fulfill it “.
  • In our childhood our imagination power is less but as we grow up we give less value to our ideas.we are afraid that our imagination thought is true or not. But we have to value our ideas, our thoughts .
  • As per saying – “If you can dream it and see it is working it is possible” and when you will start to trust on your imagination then it really starts to change your life.
  • If you want to to fulfill or want to complete your destiny then hear your own sound, your own thoughts and it really works to change your self.

3. Feed your mind

  • As we observe world is full filled with negative things that take advantage of the fear centre. Negative thoughts starts to increase your fear.
  • “Negative news sells”and this line is 100% true. Try to avoid negative thoughts.
  • How often do you read the news on tv and newspaper and actually find a positive uplifting or happy story? No, we find the happy stories very rarely. Instead of that negative thoughts try to read positive thoughts, utilise positive, uplifting and encouraging resources.
  • Try to watch motivational videos, positive affirmations or try to live in positive thought peoples circle. Because because negative thoughts affects on your mind and stands as barriers in front of your path.
  • So, feed your mind, feed your thoughts with positive encouraging , inspiring videos thoughts regularly. This can surely help to build your right mindset and change your life.

4. Reprogamming pattern of mind –

  • Your brain is programming to think about more and more negative thoughts then positive one’s.
  • But after doing study on that- 80% of your thoughts are usually negative and 90% of thoughts are completely the same as the day before.
  • T. Harv Eker said that -” Don’t believe a thought you think”. All thoughts which comes in your mind are not your. So don’t believe that thoughts which try to become barrier in your path.
  • If you think more about things that happens which hurts you then your speed to achieve your goals becomes slower. So, try to stay with positive thoughts.
  • Always try to watch your thoughts because these thoughts are the blueprints of your actions what you do. It is usually possible to create and develop more positive mind set, imaginary mindset.

5. Always keep Faith

  • Always keep the faith in your opinion you are thoughts
  • Try to avoid people who always diverts your mind from your goals. Try to spend your more time with people who increase your power, increase your faith
  • Never forget that other people who have achieved massive success from bad situation.
  • Never think that you can not achieve greatness as well. There will be enough negative mind set peoples along the way and they give up but don’t become one of them.
  • Giving up is not an option so believe in yourself these will surely changes your life.
  • If you follow above steps and look behind after 5-6 months then you observe a huge change in your life.

Conclusion –

Change is not an “Quick Response” or a ” Overnight solution”.It is a daily practice up to reach your WHY of your life. Try to change your habits by 1% everyday and then 365% change increases in one year. So , follow above steps and achieve your goals.

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