Best 5 Motivational movies

All of us wants to earn respect , want to become famous , want to make own identity. But many of us or almost all of us face challenges when they want to achieve something great things .They trying to overcome stressful situations.

Everyone watches movie in their free time. Some watches funny movies , some watches inspiring movies only for relieve from stress. But one of the best option according to my opinion is watching Motivational movies or inspiring movies in stress time and free time also. Because these inspirational movies plays significantly role in our life. They act as therapy to relive from bad emotions.

Motivational movies increase our strength, increases our positive thinking, increase our power,and increases our energy .These movies empowers us to achieve ” WHY” our life.This movie teaches us to never give up. So, try to watch inspirational movies in your free time.

This following 5 movies are most is Inspiring movies and Life changing movies –

1. The Walk
  • This movie is an American biographical drama and directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Christopher Browne.
  • This movie is of Philippe Petit , who is a French Street performer, dreams of performing daring stunts.
  • In this movie, Philippe Petit is 24 years old and he is a high wire artist .One day he see Twin Towers in photo and then decide to wire walk .
  • Petit attempts the seemingly impossible stunt and he won numerous awards on Aug 7 ,1974.
  • Due to this film youngsters will attracted or motivated by this young man’s creativity, they will become adventurous.
  • So you must watch it and then see what you feel. This movie surely change your life.

2.Peaceful Worrior

  • This is a true story and based on the Dan Millman . Dan Millman has desire for Success drivers drives everything he does. He is a gifted athlete.
  • In this movie Dan’s thought that he is very perfect man nobody is perfect than him but he meet with old person who is more perfect then him. These old man do everything which Dan’s
  • This mysterious stranger opens Dan millmans eyes with a new vision of strength .
  • one day Dan’s very important competition but on the way his accident is happen. His hands, leg all are broken then his whole life changes.
  • Everyone want to achieve success very fast but but we forgot to enjoy the journey of success. In this movie will learn how we can enjoy our journey and achieve success.

3. Invictus

  • This movie is inspired from Mr.Nelson Mandelas life.
  • One man who live 27 years in imprisonment and after that they becomes president of South Africa in their 74 years age.
  • They exists the division between blacks and whites. This movie motivated from How they struggle and then how they changes whole future of South Africa.
  • Many peoples never try to make their life more beautiful when they fails. This movie teaches us never give up if we think nothing is remain in our life then you give up but this movie teaches us you that how you become more successful through bad situations.
  • Forgiveness, unity, healing, sports, family, leadership all these we learn from only one movie. So,watch this movie.

4. Genius Albert Einstein

  • This is not a movie this is a series and there are three parts of this series.
  • In this movie e Albert Einstein’s wife helps them to become a famous scientist but after some reasons they lives their wife. How they become a best scientist ? So , watch the series and get motivated to achieve your goals.
  • When they went to give first entrance exam and they fails in that exam. After that they have to wait for one year period to give the same examination.
  • We heard everywhere that- doing mistakes is better than to learn from others mistake. this movie teaches us that which mistakes we do and never to do the same mistakes again.
  • This is very motivational movie watch it .It surely changes your vision.

5. The social Network

  • We heard the names of Bill gates, Jeff Bezos , Warren Buffet who are billionaires.
  • But , Mark Zuckerberg who is the first youngest billionarier in his 20 th age.
  • This is the story of founders of social networking website Facebook.In this movie , Mark creates a social networking site , Facebook, with his friends helps namely Eduardo’s.
  • This movie gives you advice, follow your dreams , and as you go along , surround yourself with the smartest and talented persons you can find.


So , Motivational movies change our vision towards our goals. They gives us energy to do something new. Gives us idea. And above are some movies which 100% changes your life . So , watch them. Achieve greatest Success. Try to take notes from this movies . This movies surely makes you motivated.

Remember that – Being pulled by inspiration of a big idea within you is most important than doing what the “Society”or “system”tells you to do.

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