Best 5 foods for glowing skin

Everyone wants to glow their skin. Yes everyone, specially womens and girls are attracted towards having glowing skin but they confuse how to make glowing skin and what to do for glowing skin. Many women’s are irrited by acne, wrinkles, oily skin. But now don’t worry, read the whole post which helps you to how to make your skin glowing.

Use following foods for best results and you see the results in next 10-15 days. This food not only makes your skin glowing but also helpful for body health.

Following are best foods for glowing Skin-

1. Carrot

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and these these beta- carotene has antioxidant properties which prevent DNA and cell damage. Carrots protects your skin , makes your skin glowing.

Bake a carrot cake and add it to stir- fried veggies or in salad for getting the best benefits of carrot for your skin. Use of Carrots in daily foods have many benefits. But you must avoid overconsumption of carrots because it causes discolouration of skin.

2. Tomato

. Most of us uses tomato in every food items. We can use tomatoes in curries, salads , grilled veggies, etc. Because tomato increases the flavour , colour and it has best nutritional values and very helpful to protect your skin.

Some years ago, it was found that the paste of tomato can surely protects your skin against of photo damage . Tomato helps for your skin glowing also supports bone health, improves your eye vision ,repairs skin from sun damage and corrects uneven skin tone . They also removes dark circles , and control oily skin.

3. Green tea

Green tea gives many health benefits. The epigallocatechin-3-gallate and a phlophenol are present in green tea and these elements possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. Green tea helps to prevent skin cancer, skin rashes, sunburn and photoaging.

By taking a cup of green tea in morning or evening to make skin healthy and glowing. It also helps in reducing acne and fights skim infections. It hydrates and nourishes skin , also removes dark circles on face and glows your skin.


From ancient, Garlic is used for many purposes naturally. It is an antibiotic. Garlic makes your skin glowing surely. Garlics are rich in vitamin c and Br , magnesium, calcium, potassium and also a antimicrobial.

It is antioxidants and it has anti- inflammatory properties. So, it can fight against skin infection. In your pasta , salad, chicken , grilled fish add some chopped garlic. It reduces skin rashes and skin swelling.

5. Almond

Vitamin E family contains Alpha- Tocopherole nutrient and these nutrient is present in almonds. This Alpha – Tocopherole protects the skin from harmful UV radiations. Only 5-6 almonds are enough in your breakfast. You can add this almonds in your smoothies, breakfast cereal and salad.

You can make almond paste which is smooth and apply on your skin for glowing, healthy skin. Almonds can make your skin lightening and also reduces acne . Almonds also good for overall health


So above foods are best for the making your skin glowing. These food materials are easily available in your kitchen. So , use this foods in your daily routine and see the results.

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